BetMania agrees to pay players for canceled bets

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BetMania (SBR rating D) agrees to pay player for winning bets canceled on 4/30/07. Mania management states it will not scrutinize these types of wagers or punish users for advantageous play in the future. The sportsbook is said to be under new ownership and is paying players with new processing systems. At least three players are still receiving installments that started in early 2007 when the sportsbook was in slow-pay mode. BetMania's rating may be reviewed once SBR confirms that these players have been paid in full.

4/29/2007 11:24 PM
betmania (SBR rating D+) once again arbitrarily cancels wagers
The player was allowed to place online wagers on opposing teams. After the event was over the bettor was informed that the winning wagers, the second set of bets, were canceled because of an unlisted rule. The player is told that the sportsbook does not allow middle attempts. However, betmania has allowed players to buy back a position when the odds do not move in the bettor's favor. SBR will contact the sportsbook on player's behalf.

Betmania (SBR rating D+) confirms cancelation of two Arena Football wagers because the player attempted to win a "middle" (betting on both opposing sides using different lines for the possibility that both bets will cover) and refuses to alter decision. betmania's wagering rules do not prohibit betting both sides of a game and state that it uses Las Vegas bookmaking rules for issues that are not addressed within the Terms of Service. However, Las Vegas rules do not prohibit wagering on both sides of a line.

Note: betmania claims the bets were canceled before the event began but did not alert the player or provide proof including a time-stamped email. The player claims that if he had known the bets were not wanted he would have placed the wagers at a different sportsbook for the same return of $500.Player: Yesterday afternoon I placed two arena football wagers, NY +1.5 and Grand Rapids +12 at $250 each. Both won last night, but I awoke this morning to find out they were cancelled. The reason stated was that betmania does not permit middling and I had bet the other side of these games two days earlier. Well, no where does it state in their rules about this absurd restriction, but Victor (wager manager) claims it is an "unwritten rule" (what?). He also says that the bets were cancelled before the games went off which I have no way of knowing if it's true. Fact is I could have made my offsets at Betjamaica and Skybook at that exact same lines, had I known about this apparent rule. Bottom line is that these were legit bets, not error lines, so they should stand. As such, betmania owes me $500, and I am asking your help in getting it. Victor refuses to budge on this matter, and he is so wrong.

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