BetJoint applies bonus rule to parlay winnings; costs player $3,051

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BetJoint (SBR rating C-) applies bonus rule to parlay winnings; costs player $3,051
The player made two winning 3-team parlays wagering $250 and $150 in free-play bonus money to win a total of $5,359. The last leg of both parlays were on the San Diego Padres +1.5 run line. The player also made a regular moneyline bet on the Padres as well as a wager on the opposing team using his deposited funds. The next day the user account was debited $3,051 and his parlays were recalculated as 2-teamers with the third leg removed. BetJoint cited the rule below:


You are allowed to bet both sides of the same game, PROVIDING THAT IT IS ALWAYS WITH YOUR OWN CASH AND NEVER INCLUDES THE USE OF ANY ‘FREE PLAY’ CREDIT. This rule applies to all straight-action wagers and also any plays that are used in parlays or teasers. For example, if you make a FREE PLAY wager on Team “A” or use Team “A” in a parlay or teaser wager using FREE PLAY credits, you are not allowed to bet Team “B” from that same game or event with either FREE PLAY credits or CASH play. Likewise, if you make a CASH wager on Team “A” or use Team “A” in a parlay or teaser wager, you are not allowed to bet Team “B” from that same game or event with FREE PLAY credits. However, you can make CASH plays on both sides of the same game in all instances, whether it is straight action, parlays or teasers. Violations of this rule will result in both/all bets on that event or game being cancelled and those bets will be considered null and void. In such instances, the cash play money will be refunded to customer's account and the customer will automatically forfeit all remaining Free Play credits in his/her account as penalty for rule violation.

The player argues that his cash bets oppose each other and were not made in an attempt to hedge out of the parlay. He also argues that BetJoint is using a single cash bet to void two separate larger parlay wagers. The rule is considered fine print due to the fact that the software does not prohibit these actions. This is the second case of this rule biting into an account balance this year. In February a player was in a similar situation. His free-play parlay lost and the cash bet won. BetJoint handled it differently, canceling the player’s winning cash wager that was opposing the last leg of a losing parlay. BetJoint assured SBR that had the parlay won it would have been honored and the losing cash bet would have been no-actioned. BetJoint stated it aimed to prohibit the player from making a cash bet on the opposing team and it expects its software to prohibit the free-play buy-back bet in the near future. In this most recent report, the player’s $575 cash bet was honored while the parlay legs were not. Despite inconsistent handling with the two accounts, BetJoint’s management states that the rule gives the book the ability to cancel any and all bets referenced in the rule. Players should be aware of the odd rule and the liberties it gives the sportsbook. Under this catch-all stipulation a sportsbook has the ability to cancel winning cash wagers or void a $7,000 8-team parlay if the bettor was to make a $20 cash bet that was opposite one of the picks in his parlay. | Forum discussion

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