Betin player thinks gender played a role in winnings confiscation

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A Betin Sportsbook player has filed a wagering complaint against the betting site.

The player wagered on soccer matches which took place from December 18 to January 3.

Her account was fully verified with Betin, meaning that she had completed their Know Your Customer (KYC) process. However, Betin decided not to pay the winnings due to bets that she made.

The player admittedly wagered twice on the same game. Not thinking anything was wrong with this because the software allowed it, the player did not believe that limits were being circumvented or that she was in not in compliance with the terms and conditions.

Typically, sportsbooks allow players to place additional bets on a given match if it is accepted by the software. Some software requires the lines to change for additional action to be accepted. The industry standard of you book the bet, you pay the bet applies here.

The player also offered another observation that she believes could have influenced Betin's decision not to pay:

Betin player: "I suspect behind this approach of arbitrariness or discrimination because I am a woman of Asian descent.I have legally bet on that platform. Please help me. I am waiting now for almost three months to get the payout of my winnings."

SBR published an opinion piece in November 2014 which posed a similar question: Are female sports bettors unfairly targeted by online sportsbooks?

The complaint is outstanding.

Betin players in need of assistance should submit a sportsbook complaint form.

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