Betin player discovers the one per household rule the hard way

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A Betin Sportsbook player has filed a complaint with SBR.

The player opened his Betin account this summer at the suggestion of his roommate, who advised him that Betin was offering a good starting sign up bonus.

He deposited €25 and eventually increased his balance to €900. Upon ordering his first withdrawal from the betting site, Betin closed his account.

The player has contested the confiscation: He points out that after depositing €25, he won an accumulator paying €300 before being credited his bonus funds. He was then credited with a €25 bonus after winning his accumulator bet and continued to have success with his sports picks.

He has stated that he did not try to hide the fact that he was the second player with a Betin account in his household. The player argues that he should at the very least be paid his winnings minus the bonus funds.

Online sportsbooks enforce the one accounts per household rule for a few reasons. First, players looking to collaborate and receive more than one bonus, as well as every married player in the sports gambling world would likely double-dip betting sites if this rule were not commonplace.

Secondly, players would be able to circumvent betting limits placed on their account.

Still, the question becomes, what IS the fair course of action if a player violates the policy? If the action was otherwise legitimate and not intended to circumvent limits; all winnings except funds accumulated through the bonus should be paid. The industry standard of "you book the bet, you pay the bet" applies.

Sportsbook Review has followed up on the complaint.

Betin players in need of assistance should submit a sportsbook complaint.

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