BetIn accuses player of foul play with in-play wagers

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A Betin Sportsbook player has filed a dispute with SBR against the betting site.

The player has stated that a balance of €524 has not been paid.

The player was accused of foul play with his in-play bets. He reportedly had a pattern of placing bets exactly as an event occurred.

Betin claims that seven such wagers were made where the outcome was already known.

The player has argued that he has not intentionally past-posted and that he has many more losing in-play bets than winning bets. He claims to be following a handicapping system.

In-play betting disputes are quite common. Sometimes, online bookmakers fail to offer feeds which are up to par with the type of feeds players have access to. Players should not expect to be paid on wagers that can be proven to be recorded after an event outcome is already known.

Sportsbook Review is following up on the complaint.

Betin Sportsbook players with feedback are encouraged to write to


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