BetHorizon reinstates player's account

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BetHorizon (SBR rating B-) tells SBR that they have decided to reinstate the player's account from the sportsbook dispute reported on March 21st. SBR reported that a BetHorizon player had his balance of $2,015 voided after he failed to submit his credit card paperwork within 48 hours of his deposit. BetHorizon has conceded the need to update the rule to be more practical. SBR considers the dispute closed. | BetHorizon statement


BetHorizon statement: Upper management has reviewed the situation and have agreed with SBR that the terms and conditions need to be further fine tuned. Because of this we are reversing our decision to close the customer's account and it has been available for further use as of yesterday.

Original dispute:

BetHorizon voids players winning account
A BetHorizon player wrote to SBR stating that his account was voided after he did not submit his credit card paperwork within 48 hours of depositing. On March 14th, the player signed up with BetHorizon and made a $350 deposit via credit card. The player increased his balance to $2,015.

BetHorizon disabled his account stating that he was late in providing his credit card paperwork and that his account would remain closed. The player's documents were provided to BetHorizon on Thursday, March 17th.

SBR has confirmed the player's account of the events with BetHorizon. Management stated that it requires all players who deposit via credit card to to submit their documents within 24 hours of their deposit, and that the player was granted an extension of 24 hours since he already began to place bets.


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