BetHorizon player sent payment

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The BetHorizon (SBR rating C+) player from SBR's report on April 22nd has been sent a $3,000 payment. BetHorizon advised SBR that that their bank wire has been completed to the player. | BetHorizon complaint

The BetHorizon player contacted SBR initially on December 30th. The player told SBR that he requested a $5,000 withdrawal in November of 2010. On January 3rd, SBR confirmed that the player received a $2,000 payment from BetHorizon. The remaining $3,000 had not been paid.

The player claimed to SBR that he was supposed to receive additional payments via money order. SBR contacted BetHorizon to confirm the dispute; the player's payment was sent less than one week later.

BetHorizon Sportsbook is headquartered in Escazu, Costa Rica.


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