BetFred account dispute

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UPDATE: SBR spoke with BetFred's head of fraud and confirmed the player provided a forged ID. SBR considers this dispute closed.

BetFred (SBR rating B-) has voided €2,640 from a player. The player tells SBR he deposited €2,020 via Moneybookers, laying it all on a WBA Sunderland match. The player's bet won and his balance sat at €4,660 after day one. BetFred notified the player via email that documents needed to be provided to verify his identity. The player claims to have sent everything requested - ID, proof of address and the like. The player received an email from BetFred a day later stating that they are unsatisfied with the clarity of the documents and that his winnings will not be paid. The player attached a chat transcript with a BetFred operative:



BetFred CS: It states in the terms and conditions that if you are not happy with your documents or if you do not send documents in time then we will cancel the bet.
Player: what does it mean
Player: for you enough documents
Player: I have sent to you everything you want
Player: ID,proof of address,screenshot
BetFred CS: Yes, but we are not happy with them.
Player: with my moneybookers
Player: why?
Player: Why are you not happy
Player: so you can do everything you want
Player: this includes to steal the money from people
BetFred CS: We have done no such thing we will be sending the 2020 back to mooneybookers shortly.
Player: I want my 4660 EUR
Player: I want my winnings
BetFred CS: you are not entitled to this.

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