Betfair Sportsbook bettor claims deposit & winnings confiscated

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A Betfair Sportsbook (SBR rating A-) player has submitted a tennis betting dispute.

The player deposited €130 and wagered on an International Tennis Federation (ITF) doubles match at the odds of 6 (+500).

The player's wager was settled correctly as a winner, but the next day his account was abruptly closed without word from the sports betting website.

He added the following details concerning his dispute in the complaint he filed with Sportsbook

Betfair Player: "The match finished and bet was settled correctly but on next day my account was closed and access was forbidden before verification.I am waiting more than 2 weeks to re-open my account sending any kind of documents requested by Betfair and finally I received an e-mail that my account will remain closed and all my deposits +winnings will retain in favor of Betfair".

Even if Betfair believes the player to have committed fraud, online sportsbooks do not confiscate deposits. This would basically amount to profiting from fraud itself, or even constitute a freeroll where a player could take a shot and lose, but never have a chance of winning.

Betfair Sportsbook does not openly discuss betting complaints with SBR, citing privacy policy restrictions.

However, on July 1st, SBR reported of a different tennis betting dispute raised by a punter against Betfair. This dispute centered around the arbitrary grading of a prop betting market, following SBR's intervention the case ended up being resolved.

Betfair players in need of assistance should submit a sportsbook complaint form.

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