BetFair removes player funds and closes account

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A BetFair (SBR rating A+) player has filed a sportsbook complaint. On May 4th, the player requested a $150 withdrawal to Webmoney, however only $120 was sent to his Webmoney account. The player states he wrote an e-mail to inquire to BetFair about this. At this point, his account was closed. The remaining $150 in his account has not been paid, nor has the player been provided an explanation for the account closure. On May 9th, BetFair closed two player accounts alleging fraudulent activity, but did not share its evidence with SBR. BetFair often cites its data protection act, and generally limits its discussions regarding player complaints to IBAS - the Independent Betting Adjudication Service that settles UK gambling disputes. SBR has written to BetFair to inquire.

Betfair player:

I has 270-280$ on my account. First they take 30$ from my withdraw. I order 150$, but receive only 120$. I withdraw by webmoney. After withdraw I have on my account 120-130$. I did not order them. I write to support email and ask them, why I receive only 120$, not 150$. They closed my account and that all :(
They didn't say why 120$, not 150$. And on my account remained 120$-130$, I lost them too because my account was closed.

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