Betfair punter submits Wimbledon betting dispute

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Update: Betfair has since corrected the grading of this Wimbledon betting market.

A Betfair (SBR rating A-) punter has submitted a wagering complaint against the popular betting exchange.

The player wagered on a Wimbledon tennis match between Watson and Garcia.

The match was 6-1 3-6 after two sets. Play was then interrupted until the next day, giving the player the opportunity to wager on the outcome of set three.

He wagered on there being a tiebreak in the final set, priced at 1.01. The third set ended 8-6, although it was not actually a tiebreak, as there are no tiebreakers in the final set of Grand Slam tennis events.

In other words, the phrasing of the market gave the player no chance to win, as there could never be a tiebreak in the third set of the ladies tennis match.

A truer representation of the market should have read "Will there be more than 12 games" or "extra play" which would more clearly reflect the game being contested in the final set.

It is a dispute caused by ambiguous wordage and a market that - if interpreted literally - would always result in a loss in that situation.

Sportsbook Review has advised the player to contact Betfair again with the clarification; the sports betting website does not discuss third party complaints with SBR citing their privacy rules.

Betfair punters with feedback are encouraged to write to

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