Betfair problems, SBR posters report glitches

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Betfair (sportsbook rating A) players report that all markets are suspended. Players are able to log into their Betfair accounts, but find that they cannot enter offers. On March 11th, the UK news outlet The-Register reported that Betfair glitches were allegedly fixed.

SBRforum poster comments in forum topic Betfair down:



SBRforum poster 'AimingHigh':Truly appalling day on Betfair. What's worse is now they're "back" and showing money available, you don't find out till you try to bet it that the market is suspended.I hope some financial journalist picks up on this, publishes how much they lost, and hits their share price.

SBRforum poster 'Ibrakadabra': I'm unable to bet even though I'm in. Trying to place a bet gives the information that the market is down due technical problems. Apart from that things looks normal.



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