Betfair disputes, upgraded

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In today's SBR Industry News video, SBR analysts Natalie Rydström and dispute manager Justin7 discuss the following: the recent upgrading of (now .ag) following the BetOnline Group crediting over $30,000 to players who were cheated by old ownership, a Globet Sportsbook payout complaint, and two Betfair payout issues. has been upgraded to a C rating. Since assuming control of the sportsbook, the BetOnline Group revisited outstanding confiscations made by the formerly D-rated company, crediting players over $30,000. Management also tells SBR that the payment backlog has been caught up, and that they have added a dedicated telephone line for support. Players with payment feedback or who may be in need of assistance are asked to write to

A Globet Sportsbook payout complaint has been filed. A player tells SBR that a €2,339 payout request made over 45 days ago has yet to be paid. The player claims Globet has provided no update on his withdrawal status. SBR followed up with Globet support, but has yet to receive comment. An additional Globet betting dispute was reported by SBR yesterday, where a player details being unable to fulfill his bonus rollover as all wagers are rejected. Both disputes remain open. Check the SBR newswire for updates.

A Betfair (SBR rating A-) player submits an account dispute. The player claims after depositing $1,000, Betfair locked the account and requested the player provide a tax bill, bank statement, utility bill, property information and more. The player states he’s willing to provide standard documents, but felt the tax and property information fell outside the scope of normal KYC. Betfair does not comment to SBR on account disputes, though SBR is advising the player. Betfair’s $3.1 million slow-pay reported by SBR Justin7 remains open.

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