BetDSI Sportsbook Complaint - Resolution

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Update: The player confirmed receiving payment in full after waiting for approximately eight months.

On November 27, SBR reported that a BetDSI Sportsbook player has had a balance of $23,832.17 in limbo since August 4. The player's account has been frozen for withdrawals since that time.

BetDSI's position is that the player is wagering on behalf of a third-party. The sportsbook has been unable to substantiate this claim. The player maintains that his account is his own and that he can speak for all wagers placed. SBR asked if he would be willing to be video interviewed on Skype; the player said he has no problem with this and shared his Skype username the same day.

A manager with BetDSI offered to place the $23,832 balance into an escrow account while the player's identity undergoes further verification. No time-frame has been offered on when or how this verification will be conducted. The industry standard is that when sportsbooks suspend accounts for allegedly being connected to other users — such as a player who was previously barred or limited — evidence is produced such as common wagers, IP addresses, or other material links that establish the flouting of house rules. No such evidence has been made available. A sportsbook is free to close an account for any reason whatsoever, but cannot withhold winnings based on hunches rather than facts.

SBR questioned the player on if he has knowledge of any friends who have BetDSI accounts or who may have placed wagers while at his home. The player said he knows of no other BetDSI account-holders and maintains all wagers were placed by him from his home, where he has resided for the life of his BetDSI account.

BetDSI Player: "I really just want a hard set date as to when this will be resolved. It has been [4] months. I don't want to keep calling them and emailing you. I don't want to keep hearing the same old we are verifying your account, we are updating our system interface, etc. It's the same story from them every week."

He posted the details of his complaint at a sports betting message-board. Earlier today, a forum user responded to the thread that he has had a $11,000 balance in limbo for two months. SBR requested additional information from the player and is in the process of confirming the details of this latest complaint:

"I have been getting the same run around as you. Pretty much identical situation but for slightly less money. I’m owed 11k and have been trying to request a withdrawal for 2 months now. They wouldn’t give me any specific answers to my questions, just bs generic responses for weeks up until last week where they stopped replying to me completely," wrote the player.

A third complaint was shared from a player who reported that he has been waiting more than three weeks for a $1,500 payout. SBR is looking into both issues, and asks players in need of assistance with BetDSI to submit a sportsbook complaint form.  (Update 12/12: BetDSI has said they are unable to identify the two individuals. SBR asks for the posters to file a complaint with their account information.)

SBR cited complaint handling as one of the outstanding issues that have surfaced since the sportsbook went independent on July 9, 2017; BetDSI previously utilized the resources and services of A+ rated Due to the severity of the issues and the absence of evidence to support withholding funds, BetDSI's rating has been adjusted to D+.

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