BetDOS fails to keep payment timeline

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On January 15th a BetDOS (SBR rating D+) player requested a $500 Moneygram payment, this was after being forced to rollover his balance once more after an alleged ownership change. BetDOS waffled in providing a clear payment timeline to the player, yet on the morning of Money February 8th assured him that due to his continued patience he would be sent a cash transfer that day with fees waived. The player spoke to GM Mark Roberts and CS manager 'Tina'. After noon passed live chat was taken offline. The player waited all night and no Western Union notice was delivered to him.  His $500 remains outstanding. In total SBR has received six slowpay complaints against BetDOS. BetDOS has $5908 in player debt with the earliest payment request made on December 10th.

Player comments:

I chatted with someone else besides Tina at their online help this morning when I talked to a guy named Mark Roberts.I chatted with Tina as well.Both were so accomodating that they said I would get my money by Western Union today and not have to pay the transfer fee because I waited so long to get paid.That was at 7.30 this morning and it's nearing 3.30 and still no notice that the money has been sent.Their online help has been down since shortly after noon.Maybe they will pay me yet today?????but I have been strung along so much with them that I have my doubts.I even asked them if they had a good weekend with the super bowl going their way and they seemed happy about that.I thought for sure that would be my ticket to getting paid but maybe I'm wrong.What do you think should happen on this one?

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