Betcris Launches Improved Loyalty Program

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Online and land based sportsbook Betcris (SBR rating A+) has announced a new loyalty program.

There are three tiers to the incentive program; in addition to the classic level, players accumulate betpoints which are categorized through bronze, silver, and gold. The loyalty program awards active Betcris customers who have wagered at least once every 30 calendar days.

All bets of $1 or more automatically bring in one betpoint. A parlay wager brings in 2 betpoints per $1 spent, and a parlay [known as an accumulator wager across the pond] results in 3 betpoints. For major sports such as American Football, soccer, and tennis, each reward tier spells countless savings for bettors as lines improve from -110 through -106.

As most experienced online sports bettors know, the better the price, the healthier shape a bankroll is in after a long season. Every small edge counts.

Snapshot of Reward Levels

On top of the reduced juice savings, Betcris also offers higher parlay payout odds the higher a player's level. For example, while a two-team parlay involving a team with odds of -110 would pay $100 to win $260 at most online sportsbooks, the same parlay would pay $277 ($17 more) for players at the level of gold. The same increased payout applies all the way through an eleven team parlay, potentially offering six figures more in a parlay payout.

Parlay Payout Difference

The amounts above are based on a $100 wager - to see the savings based on a $500 or higher parlay wager, players can use the SBR Odds parlay calculator.

In addition to their online business, Betcris operates more than 100 locations throughout Latin America. The sportsbook was founded in 1985.

Read more about Betcris in their full review.

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