BetcoinSports Player Claims 11.3 BTC goes missing

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Sportsbook Review has been investigating a complaint from a BetcoinSports player who claimed that his account was compromised.

The player claimed that he noticed 6 bitcoin (BTC) missing from his account and notified BetcoinSports immediately upon this discovery.

The sportsbook indicated all was normal on their end and agreed to freeze the player's balance while his claim was further investigated. He pointed out that this activity occurred merely minutes before he logged in and noticed the unauthorized transaction.

At this point, the player audited his account history more intently and has claimed that he discovered 5.2 BTC were transferred out of his account one week earlier. He told SBR he had left a sizable amount of BTC in his account prior and never had any trouble.

The player has been wagering with online sportsbooks for 15 years and has been a member of the SBR posting forum since its inception in 2005. He provided a complete copy of his correspondence with the bitcoin sportsbook to SBR.

BetcoinSports advised SBR that they were only able to freeze 3 BTC of his 6 BTC balance, despite indicating the whole balance had been frozen. The company shared a link to a bitcoin forum website where it is alleged that the player accused other bitcoin websites of mishandling 100 BTC worth of transactions, although the player explained that a large percentage of these bitcoins were lost when a scam bitcoin website closed its doors.

Despite claiming only 3 BTC were frozen, Betcoin claimed that the player was paid 6 BTC yesterday, though to date he has not received these funds, worth approximately $1,750 as of today's pricing.

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