player clarifies part of 11.3 BTC complaint

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The player who claimed that 11.3 BTC went missing from his Sportsbook account has written SBR again.

While half of the bitcoin balance was frozen after the player notified the online sportsbook of the alleged unauthorized withdrawals from his account, the player maintains that he is still owed by the sportsbook and believes that he was freerolled.

He explains his rationale below: Player: "The reason the (initial) coins were not reported as missing and no complaint was filed immediately was because I wanted to get those coins safely off the site before pursuing the issue.  Therefore the week time frame just represents how long it took before I had possession of the coins.   So yes, they returned me the amount originally wagered (6 coins) but kept my winnings.  That was my complaint and still is.  It was a free roll  against me and to my understanding I did not intentionally or even unintentionally violate any of their terms of service."

A freeroll however refers to a player having the opportunity to lose but not win at an online sportsbook.

Specifically, a sportsbook accepting bets with no intention to pay out if they win, but giving the players a chance to lose. This is a tactic employed by many scam sportsbooks, but it is categorically not what happened in this complaint.

The player's account was allegedly used by a third party.

Players are responsible with securing their account access. Had the player noticed the initial discrepancy with his balance more immediately, he might have been able to recover that portion of his balance, as he was the second half of it. recently was involved in some controversy with their decision to confiscate bet winnings from a player they alleged help a friend circumvent wagering limits. Because the online sportsbook provides no KYC on accounts and players can sign up numerous times, situations like this are unavoidable and have more of the ingredients of a freeroll than the complaint reported above. discussed both complaints with SBR. players in need of assistance are asked to submit a sportsbook complaint form.

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