BetClic account closure complaint

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A BetClic (unrated) complaint has been reported. On February 13th, a BetClic player asked for a withdrawal of €160. He requested the funds to his Moneybookers account. On February 15th, he attempted to log into the BetClic software and found his account disabled. | BetClic chat transcript

The BetClic player has provided SBR with the following live chat transcript:



BetClic: 16.2.1. We reserve the right to close your Account with immediate effect and, on reasonable suspicion that you have committed, or have assisted someone else to commit, any fraud or breach of these Terms and Conditions or other illegal act, we reserve the right not to refund to you any balance on your Account at the time of termination.
Player: do you wanna see the terms of mine when you accepted me as a costumer ?
BetClic: and we have consulted with Moneybookers regarding your account and they have also closed your account
Player: yea but it took for me 2 minutes to unlock
Player: and problem inhere is betclic .
BetClic: unfortunately we will not be able to help you more
Player: then i am going to share this with public

SBR has contacted BetClic for comment.

BetClic withdrawal complaint
On December 16th, SBR reported that a BetClic player had not been paid €100 from a November 12th withdrawal request. The BetClic player who filed his sportsbook complaint did not update SBR on whether or not hisf unds were ultimately received. BetClic declined to discuss the case with SBR.

BetClic uses unfair tactics in €40,000 promotion
On July 1st, 2010, SBR reported that BetClic was running a promotion that promised players a "free €40,000, or a Jaguar". The conditions of the sportsbook promo required players to place X amount of winnings bets that risked €5 or more. BetClic limited the player in first place to €1 wagers, making it impossible for him to maintain his contest lead. BetClic offered no comment to SBR.

SBR advises players to use extreme caution when choosing to play with unrated sportsbooks. The SBR Sportsbook rating guide features a comprehensive list on over 900 sportsbooks.









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