BetButler remains off-line, history repeats itself?

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BetButler news

BetButler (SBR rating C+) is off-line. The UK Gambling Commission revoked BetButler's license last month following the betting site suspending its service and displaying a notice that the business was in the process of being sold. The notice stated the acquisition included the customer database, balances, and pending withdrawals. It is unclear if pending wagers will be honored.

The BetButler homepage statement reads as follows:

"The Board of BetButler Limited has been approached by a third party regulated gaming business to acquire the customer database, including all balances and pending withdrawal requests, of the business. This process will take some days to complete. If you have any questions please email and your queries will be answered. A further announcement will follow in due course.

-The Directors
" acquired the domain in mid 2012. similarly closed in the middle of the night, though that business remained off-line with some transfers being made to Danbook (also off-line).

Players have submitted general payout and bonus complaints against BetButler prior to the outright collapse. Most recently, a player complained on a delay receiving an £87 payout requested July 2014.

A BetButler spokesman allegedly told that the amount owed to players is approximately £500,000 and that funds will be made available at a new gaming business with no conditions on withdrawal. The report identifies that the company as being Momaco, according to a quote attributed to former BetButler Co-Director William Rollason:

“BetButler’s customers and their balances have been sold to Momaco who will honour their balances and no-one will lose any money,” stated Rollason.

Outraging players further is the fact that previous shot caller Rollason previously ran Farepak, a UK retail company, which closed in 2006 with £38 million in consumer liabilities.

SBR players frustrated by BetButler suddenly going off-line have blogged their complaints in the SBR Sportsbook & Industry forum. players who are stuck with pending wagers or unpaid balances are asked to submit a sportsbook complaint form.

Sportsbook Review will update as news develops concerning the acquisition.

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