BetBoo allegedly changes winning ticket

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A BetBoo (unrated) sportsbook complaint has been received. On March 21st a player placed a wager on a soccer match ebtween Vejle and Frederica for €300. After placing the bet, the player took a screenshot of the wager as his custom. The screenshot shows his wager clearly. Two hours after the match ended and his bet should have been settled, the player discovered the wager was canceled and his stake returned. After inquiring with BetBoo, customer service stated that the system displayed the wrong soccer team. The player went back to his account history and found that the ticket had been changed to read Sutjeska Niksic-Frederica instead of the Vejle-Frederica which he bet on and recorded a screencap of. SBR is following up with BetBoo.

Player comments:

could You please help me with Betboo Sportsbook ( they cancelled result of my bet).

on 21 st March I placed bet on Vejle - Frederica soccer match( I staked 300 euro at  on Fredrica to win with odds 2.90). Jusyt after placing my bet I made screen shoot of "my pending bets" - it showed that I placed my bet on Vejle - Frederica soccer match ( on Frederica as the winner) - please take a look on  " betboo.1 "  file.

Two hours later ( just after match ended , Frederica won it  2:0) I logged into my Betboo  account and I noticed my bet has been cancelled and stake has been returned to account balance. I asked betboo support about reason of this situation. They explained that system displayed wrong  soccer team in this competition !!! I went to my  Betboo" account history" and I saw  match : Sutjeska Niksic - Frederica ( instead of Vejle - Fredrica) - SOMEONE CHANGED NAME OF HOME TEAM AFTER I PLACED MY BET  AND THEN CANCELLED RESULT BECAUSE OF WRONG COMPETITORS  !!!! - please  take a look on " betboo.2" file.

Could You please help me to regain my winning ( I stake 300 euro  at 2.90 odds ,  so  it should be paid 870 euro to my account - instead of that I received only my initial stake -  300 euro amount )

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