BetAtHome shuts down potential bonus abuser

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A BetAtHome (SBR rating C-) player submits an account complaint. The player tells SBR that she has maintained an account with BetAtHome for two years, and recently deposited €400 to play in both the sportsbook and casino.  The player tells SBR that she requested a withdrawal of €3,000 one month ago and subsequently had her account blocked. The player tells SBR that it was alleged that three accounts were registered from her computer, all redeeming bonuses. The player claims to have a mobile internet connection that she hypothesizes could have been intercepted by fellow neighbors. SBR is asking the sportsbook to confirm its evidence of multi-accounting, and is following up on the player's deposit. | Recent BetAtHome sportsbook news

On September 17th, SBR reported that a BetAtHome player was accused of chip-dumping. A player reported that his account was closed with a €600 balance. The player had opened his account in the beginning of 2011, playing in the sportsbook and poker room. The player had made two deposits, for €100 each prior to increasing his balance up to €600. BetAtHome accused the player of chip-dumping, or circulating ill-gotten funds via deliberate transfers in the poker room, and closed his account. The case remains open.

Players in need of sportsbook assistance are asked to fill out a sportsbook complaint form. Alternatively, players may reach SBR by writing to or dialing 1-830-255-4677 seven days a week during normal business hours

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