BetAtHome player accused of violating terms and conditions

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A BetAtHome Sportsbook (SBR rating C) player has filed a sportsbook complaint.

The player claimed that he opened his sports betting account in May of 2016.

He placed two sports bets with BetAtHome and then had his account frozen. The player was told that his account was linked with a third party and asked to provide an explanation. He has adamantly denied this charge.

The player asked for BetAtHome to explain their findings but the betting site has not. Meanwhile, his account remains frozen and his winnings suspended.

BetAtHome Player: "Opened an account with bet at home back in May 2016, I have placed 2 bets with them and then my account was frozen, they are saying my account is linked and for me to provide an explanation. I have no idea what they are referring to and have explained that I have literally joined their site placed 2 bets and no nothing about a linked account! I have asked them to explain what they mean but they are simply sending me back the same email each time saying 'please provide an explanation' I have even phoned them and asked for them to explain and every time I state that i joined, placed 2 bets and you froze my account. This is getting ridiculous now I just want my account open so i can complete bets."

Sportsbook Review has contacted BetAtHome seeking to discuss this complaint.

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