BetAtHome Player Accused of Poker Chip Dumping

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A BetAtHome Sportsbook (SBR rating C-) player has been accused of chip dumping in the poker room.

The player has claimed that he played with BetAtHome for two years without making a withdrawal as his wagers were consistently losers.

As of July 2015 he managed to turn a profit, but was told that he would not be paid due to violating poker rules.

The player received the crushing news after sending in a copy of his ID to complete the sportsbook KYC process.

BetAtHome Sportsbook: "We are sorry to inform you that your account was closed due to breach of our poker terms and conditions. Please note that your account remains closed and we are not able to assist you any further. We wish you all the best."

Following his relentless pursuit for more information surrounding his supposed infraction, he received a letter via ground mail which was written in Russian and accuses the player of intentionally dumping some chips to other players in the poker room.

Chip dumping can be a method for players to circulate ill-gotten funds: For instance, a player might have deposited with funds that he knows will not clear, or he may simply be trying to use the sportsbook as a vehicle to launder money. Whatever the case, intentionally losing to another player via poker is often detected by poker rooms with active risk management and proper security protocols in place.

The player has requested to see the hands in question and has adamantly denied that he dumped chips.

He is owed €595 and has asked SBR for assistance mediating the complaint.

SBR has followed up with the online sportsbook to discuss the confiscation.

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