BetAtHome confiscates balance of alleged multi-accounter

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A BetAtHome (SBR rating C-) player accused of operating multiple accounts has had £2,800 confiscated. BetAtHome alleges the player has opened five accounts to take advantage of a Euro 2012 signup bonus incentive. The player concedes that two family members have opened accounts with BetAtHome.

The player notes that the other three registrations are friends who may have used his device years ago. SBR is following up to confirm that BetAtHome refunds the player's deposit.

On June 26th, SBR reported on a similar BetAtHome Sportsbook dispute involving alleged multi-accounting. One of the most common reasons a player will open multiple accounts with the same company is to receive additional signup bonuses; or, to evade limits or sanctions imposed on the original account.

The player deposited during Euro 2012, depositing £300 for a £150 bonus. He successfully increased his balance to £2,500, before supplying ID and attempting to order payment. The player notes that BetAtHome then locked his account, after realizing the player's wife and son had also opened accounts using similar details. The player later confessed to SBR.

SBR advises players to play it straight with online sportsbooks. In this day and age, getting over on a company that rakes in millions of dollars and has invested in proper fraud and screening departments is a long-shot.

BetAtHome is a Malta-based organisation licenced by the Lotteries and Gaming Authority of Malta (LGA).

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