BetAtHome benefiting from fraud attempts

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BetAtHome (SBR rating C-) has confiscated a €460 balance (€300 deposit+winnings) from an admitted bonus-abuser. A BetAtHome player confessed to operating multiple accounts to scam the sportsbook out of giving him several first deposit bonuses. The player tells SBR that he created an additional "5 or 6 accounts" to take advantage of a 100% signup bonus that paid up to €33 on each deposit. All extra accounts were eventually emptied - no withdrawals were made on these accounts. While the player is unsure of specific numbers, he claims to be definite that he has been a losing BetAtHome customer overall. Sportsbooks that offer signup bonuses must protect themselves against customer fraud. Bonus abuse and multi-accounting are prevalent in the industry, forcing sportsbooks to spend a great deal of resources on fraud management, in some cases even choosing to not offer bonuses to certain regions or specific deposit methods. In this dispute, though the player was in clear violation of BetAtHome's rules, he did not profit from his attempts to scam the sportsbook - thus, the sportsbook would have no right to confiscate his deposit. The argument could be made that the punishment fit the crime if this player had withdrawn more than he deposited as a result of his multi-accounting scam, but such was not the case in this sportsbook dispute.

On 9/23, SBR reported that BetAtHome shut down an alleged bonus abuser. A player told SBR that she maintained an account with BetAtHome for two years and had deposited €400 to play in both the sportsbook and casino. The player requested a withdrawal of €3,000 in August of 2011 and had her account locked. BetAtHome alleged that a total of three related accounts were registered from her computer, all redeeming bonuses. The player's response to this was that her mobile internet connection may have been intercepted by fellow neighbours. SBR has concluded that the player was guilty of bonus abuse.

On 9/17, SBR reported that a BetAtHome player's account was closed down for alleged poker chip-dumping. The player's balance was €600. The account was created in the beginning of 2011, and had activity in both the BetAtHome sportsbook and poker room. The player made two deposits for €100 before increasing his balance up to €600; BetAtHome accused the player of engaging in a chip-dump with one other account holder, a charge the player denied. The dispute remains open.

BetAtHome is a Malta-based sportsbook that operates as part of the BetClic Everest Group. Many sportsbook operators choose Malta to headquarter their brands for the country's lax gaming enforcements and enforcement. Malta has housed notorious scam sportsbooks Stryyke (SBR rating F), BetOnBet (SBR rating F), and BetAfterBet (SBR rating F).


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