BetAndGam (not rated) emails players regarding moving accounts to Jaxx, saying it has "decided to call it a day."

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BetAndGame (not rated) emails players regarding  moving accounts to, saying it has "decided to call it a day." Players express frustration over inability to access funds. SBR to evaluate Jaxx.

Dear Customer

As you are aware, unfortunately, we at have decided to call
it a day in terms of operating the website.

We know that you will have concerns about any monies that remain in your
customer account and in relation to any outstanding bets that you may have
placed with us prior to us closing the website down. Please do not worry!

We are delighted to let you know that JAXX UK Ltd has agreed to take over
your account and honour those outstanding bets and cash balances.

JAXX is part of the German betting and gaming group FLUXX AG and is a
10-year veteran of the gaming industry. Their website is already
established as one of Europe's most respected and trusted brands. JAXX UK Ltd. is
regulated and licensed by the UK Gambling Commission.

We are sorry that we could not continue our operations but hope you will
have every confidence in JAXX who have been extraordinary in their willingness
to take on the customer balances and open bets.

JAXX will be contacting you very shortly to advise you about how to access
you bets and balances. It may be a good idea to insert the address into your address book in order to avoid their messages being deleted by
your spam filter. In the meantime, please do not register with JAXX.

Thank you for all your support.

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