BetAfterBet update: €22,924.60 owed to players

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BetAfterBet payment complaints have not slowed down since SBR began reporting on the Malta-based sportsbook September 18th. Nine new  slowpay complaints have come in against BetAfterBet, bringing the total owed to players up to €22,924.60. BetAfterBet has been downgraded to D.

SBR asks owed BetAfterBet players who have not contacted SBR to fill out the sportsbook complaint form.

Player comments




Ive been waiting 2 months for a withdrawal of just under £2000 but still havent received it yet. they continue to lie and hold off and i am genuinely concerned. could you help?





Hi, i read about the betafterbet complaints; I'm also waiting for a withdrawal of 900 euro from august 5th, 2009!
Same excuses where presented to me also, as shown on this site. Don't really know what to do, I will file an complaint with LGA Malta. Maybe you can help.





its past over 35days before a reqest withdrawal 1,479.60eur butt a recived all time same e mail for my qestions of withdraval.
We are very sorry if it appears that we are providing you with the same information everytime, however unfortunately, we can only advise you what the accounts department informs us of. We have not been provided with any new information by the accounts department, they are still working on the delay with the payouts and on clearing this out and bringing it up to date. We apologise for the delay and inconvenience and would once again like to assure you that your money is safe and the payout would be processed as soon as possible.cann you help my with this and inform others cusomers on bad business activity in this sportsbok?





I requested a withdrawal in mid to late July. I have around £2500 in the account. Despite many emails asking them what is going on the funds are still sitting in the account with no sign of it being processed.





Good afternoon, i'm here make the complain, because i have requested a payout of 1553? more than one month ago (10/08/2009) and Betafterbet always say the same evey time i contact them. They say that are having some technical problems, but this situations continues. This not the correct way to act with a client.





I tried to withdraw £656 (GBP) on 21 August via the website and kept getting a communication error. I emailed to request help and was told what forms of ID I needed to send via email. I did this, and have written to them many times since to ask where my money is. All I receive are the usual excuses about manual processing, increased security checks etc etc. I was at one point told to wait another 14 days but that deadline passed 9 days ago. I emailed at that point to receive further excuses. I have today emailed again today (28 September) to say I want a date when the money will be in moneybookers account and that I am concerned they are not paying out because they are in financial trouble and cannot honour withdrawal requests. I will never use this book again.





On Friday 25.09 I was checking my betting history and suddenly I saw that there are 4 betting slips ( 500 gb pounds each - total 2000gb pounds placed on helsingborg - aik,and after that lost),which I didn't placed.I noticed that these slips are made via CRM (I didnt know what is this,after that i checked that this is a type of bet placed via phone or smth,and made by customer service),I've never placed such bets before (only online bets).So I send an
e-mail the same day,didn't get a response (I normally get a respond from betafterbet in 3 hours),the next day I sent an email again,and I still haven't received an email from them,that's why I decided to register here and contact you about my issue.I will really appreciate your help.thanks









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