BetAfterBet refuses to discuss 47 slow-pays

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BetAfterBet (SBR Rating D-) declines to discuss the 47 cases of slow-pay which have been reported to SBR. BetAfterBet has asked that players launch complaints with the Lotteries and Gaming Authority of Malta (LGA), a tactic that has been employed in the past by sportsbooks with diminishing resources.  SBR has asked BetAfterBet to reconsider their decision. This report will be updated as soon as more news comes in. 


Dear Sirs
Many thanks for your email. Please note that we are handling all complaints’ via the Malta and Lotteries Gaming Authority with whom we are in constant contact to resolve the current issues we have with the management of the Bonus Scheme. May I suggest you ask the listed players to forward their complaints to or . We are pleased to advise that we are paying out to players once we recalculate their player balance based on our terms and conditions. In fact we have been effecting payments regularly over the last few weeks.

Kind regards,


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