Bet911 stands by decision to retroactively change agreed upon bonus terms

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On 1/12, SBR reported that Bet911 (SBR rating C-) declined to process the withdrawal request of a player citing that he had not fulfilled his rollover request. Through discussion with the player and Bet911, SBR discovered that the player wagered "six-packs", or daily perks, in his process of completing rollover. At the time the bonus was accepted from then manager Carl, the wagers were counted as eligible play. Bet911 has conceded that it never updated its website after November 1st when it states that the decision was made to discontinue counting the daily perk wagers toward the initial bonus promotion, but feels within its right to do so as the terms of service grant the sportsbook total control to change any offering without prior notice. Many sportsbooks have such rules in-print, yet the application of the rule in this instance is unfair to the player. SBR has asked Bet911 to reconsider its decision and to honor the agreed upon bonus terms.

Bet911: the rules stipulate in almost every book the management does reserve the right to change the rule without prior notice.

No the sight was never changed to state this new changed cause it was always posted in the T & C”s. As we both know most players do not take the time to read these till a situation like this comes up.

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