Bet911 Sportsbook unable to pay bettor $1000 per week

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Bet911 (SBR rating D+) defaults on $1000 payment plan; cites new management
Bet911 tells player that his most recent withdrawal request was canceled due to a software upgrade and future payments will be capped at $500. The sportsbook has paid $5,500 of $10,700 to the player and had promised to send $1000 per week which it is unable to do. Bet911 is a sister sportsbook of PlayWePay.
Bet911: After reviewing your profile, your total balance with our company is $10682, out of all this the overall is -$7682 for us. By the behavior of your account we promise to get the funds payout, you have stopped playing with us already and should not worry about loosing the funds with us since we will pay you on a timely matter and the amounts we will handle for your payouts will be $500.

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