Bet911 (SBR rating C-) bonus complaint filed

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A Bet911 (SBR rating C-) player has filed a sportsbook bonus complaint. After placing two wagers Bet911 limited the player to $25 across the board while still having $4K remaining in rollover. SBR will followup on the case with Bet911.

Player comments:

A few days ago I joined Bet911. I have placed two wagers, both have won. They have now limited me to $25 across the board and I still have about $4k rollover left. They have accused me of betting on bad lines or lines that are about to move. The last bet I placed was NBA on the 15th. They had the Bucks +165 Moneyline. This was a good price, but not an obvious bad line. I placed the bet early that day. Five hours later I logged back in to see if the bet had been cancelled. Not only was the bet still pending but the line had not moved. So I thought everything was OK. Next day I'm limited to $25 and been classed as a "professional". I have not discussed withdrawing my balance minus bonus with them at  this present time.


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