Bet911 bonus complaint received

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A Bet911 (SBR rating C-) bonus complaint has been filed. A player details depositing $1,000 on October 10th for a promotion which was accompanied by a 6 time rollover. The player states that six-packs, or wagers which one makes five bets on the American football, or soccer market and in return receives a $25 free bet, were included toward the rollover fulfillment at the time. The player placed  £7200 in action before making a withdrawal request. Bet911 has declined the player's first request citing that as of November 1st six-pack wagers no longer counted toward the accepted promotion. The player resubmitted the withdrawal and it was accepted then paid. Bet911 has stated the player was paid out in error, and has declined the player's second withdrawal request. SBR will speak to Bet911 to establish whether or not the rollover terms were changed retroactively.


















You receiving your withdrawal the last time was an error, feel lucky that you got it. Your current withdraw is denied, until you have completed your rollover.




I have completed my rollover that's why you allowed me to make my first withdrawal on dec 6th for £900 so i don't why you say haven't completed it when you said i had completed it and you let me withdraw £900.

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