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The Bet770 (SBR rating C-) player from the March 15th report has been paid. SBR reported that a player indicated a withdrawal of £838 requested on April 7th was not received. The player claimed his account was properly verified. SBR followed up with Bet770 management on the sportsbook dispute.

After contacting Bet770 support on March 15th, SBR promptly heard back from a Bet770 account manager who explained that the customer had been paid. No specific reason for the elapsed time-frame was given.

Bet770 has been receptive to working on player issues and generally responds quickly to SBR if a problem surfaces. The London-based sportsbook was upgraded to the sportsbook rating of C- on March 29th, 2012.

Nature of Bet770 player complaints

Bet770 players have complained of the sportsbook's Know Your Customer (KYC) guidelines, but forum postings have generally regarded the sportsbook favourably.

The most noteworthy Bet770 complaint to start 2012 was a sportsbook dispute involving a player who had £400 inexplicably removed from his account. The player stated that the debit was made without word from Bet770. SBR followed up with Bet770 and the player had his funds reinstated.

Bet770 players submitted a small handful of payment complaints in 2012. The sportsbook addressed each claim and all players eventually received their funds. Players should be advised that C- rated sportsbooks do not always honour posted payout time-frames. The SBR Sportsbook ratings guide provides a comprehensive list of 978 gaming companies rated from A to F.

Bet770 players with feedback to share are encouraged to write to SBR. Alternatively, players can register at SBR Forum to blog their sportsbook feedback in the Sportsbook & Industry subforum.

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