Bet770 betting dispute

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A Bet770 (SBR rating C-) player files an account complaint. The player states he opened his account, wagered £140 on a 6-to-1 underdog, which should have increased his balance to £980. The player claims that Bet770 refused to settle the market and claimed his stake would be returned. The player claims the bet was never cancelled, and he was never paid.

The player claimed to be in possession of screenshots to support his position, which allegedly show that no wagers were cancelled and that the winnings were not credited. SBR has asked the player to provide the screenshots. The player did not comment on if he believed to have bet into an off-market line.

Bet770 player: "I would like to the following website for fraud I opened an account with them, bet £140, it won at 6 to 1 and they refused to pay claiming they cancelled the bet afterwards and refunded my stake when in fact they did no such thing whatsoever, but just simply didnt want to pay. I have screenshots that clearly prove what im saying is true, ie screenshots of what i won, a screenshot saying no information to display under cancelled bets, a copy of their false claim by email, a screenshot saying the monies went in and nothing went back to my card. Please give me your email and your indication that you can do something to help and I will happily sent them to you."

SBR will update this report as more information becomes available.

SBR recently reported that Bet770 management agreed to revisit and fairly resolve outstanding sportsbook bonus complaints. Bet770 was taking the unfair stance that players who wished to attempt to fulfill their bonus obligations would have to do so with limits as low as $1. SBR spoke at length with management explaining the industry standard way to prorate the bonus of undesirable customers: Bet770 ultimately agreed.

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