Bet770 agrees to give reasonable bonus limits

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SBR has reported on several Bet770 (SBR rating C-) bonus complaints in the last month. Bet770 players complained of signing up, accepting a bonus, and being given relatively paltry limits and not being extended the option to cash out a prorated portion of the bonus. SBR continued to discuss the outstanding claims with management and made a major breakthrough.

After hours of discussion with SBR, Bet770 conceded that it was unfair to handcuff players to nominal limits while expecting them to fulfill bonus committments — the only other alternative players had was to forgo the bonus amount. noted that software configuration added to the initial confusion, and vowed to revisit the outstanding claims to restore more reasonable player limits.

Bet770 management: "What we are now doing is upping the limits for certain accounts  complaining to help get them through the wagering.  The limitation system is very new and it has only very recently become possible to do this on an account by account basis."

Bet770's sportsbook rating was subject to downgrade if the claims were not revisited. SBR will work with Bet770 to close up the bonus complaints.

On June 14th, SBR reported that Bet770 Sportsbook was refusing to prorate bonuses. Players reported being limited to as little as £1.80. SBR advised Bet770 of the industry standard way of dealing with such accounts, and continued its discussions through today's resolution.

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