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A Bet365 (SBR rating C) complaint has been received. On March 13th a player signed up via Bet365 and began placing wagers. After increasing his balance to €7600, Bet365 froze the account and requested ID. The player sent a copy of his ID to Bet365. After contacting Bet365 a number of times since his account was frozen on March 17th, the player has been provided no new information regarding his account status . SBR is investigating the complaint.

Player comments:

Hello, you resort to hopefully help me in resolving a dispute with Sign up for site 13/03/2010. In the beginning everything was fine and all the good reviews I had heard of them seemed true. After a few bets, however, my account was first limited and then blocked and the system does not allow me to get in to my account. When I contacted their chat, I knew that this was normal procedure and my account will be unblocked when they send a copy of ID card and code number / mailed / to confirm my address. On the day when I blocked the bill /17/03/2020/,said that I want to send my letter in the next few days I sent them a copy of identity card. They passed a few days and since I did not get any letters, I decided to contact with bet365 to understand what is happening and when will I receive this letter. They told me that the letter was sent to him and expect to arrive. Past time, but the letter never came. On 07/04/2020 , I decided to get in touch again with bet365 chat, to understand what is happening. I replied in a familiar way again told me to wait. Since I had not received any letter from them I said to my new be sent.
To date 04/05/2010 I'm still not received this letter and my account has about 7600 euro, I can not withdraw. Once I sent a copy of your ID I talked several times by phone but the answers were all the same - you have to wait.
I want to ask for help to get my money, I am ready to submit a copy of identity card, a copy of the debit card which I lodged, and everything will be useful to resolve this so unpleasant for me case.To me this is a serious sum, and if they do not want to bet365 am their customer, let me send money to my card, so I can deposit in other sites.

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