Bet33 vs player in phone past-posting dispute

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A Bet33 (SBR rating C-) player claims that $1,899 has been debited from his balance. The player states he logged into his account and found a note that all past-posted winning plays would be deleted. The player claims that Bet33 deleted all winning plays, but not "losing plays". Although the player has not expressly admitted past-posting intentionally, he acknowledged that he placed wagers via telephone and that each time a clerk accepted his bet over the phone.

Bet33 player:

After logging in to my account one day there was a note that said "all past post WINNING plays will be deleted". Our account was debited $1,899. They deleted the WINNING plays but not the LOSING plays!! And they wouldn't even show me exactly which plays were in question. They simply deleted $1,899 from my account, leaving me with basically nothing. Even though the gentleman that took the plays (all of which were put in over the phone) said "its never too late to put a play in" they still deducted EVERY winning play that HE put in and DID NOT credit my account due to the losing plays\ that should have been cancelled. If you are deleting past post plays you must delete ALL the past post plays not just the WINNING plays!!

Also, there was a hockey wager that was put in a good 10-15 minuted after the game started, and there was even a goal scored. That wager was a loser, so I asked them to credit the $390 (amount of the losing wager) back to my account since they are deleting past post wagers. They would not do that.They claimed that one goal in hockey is not a big deal. Again, if you are deleting ALL PAST POST PLAYS then delete ALL PAST POST PLAYS not just certain ones. So again, they delete the WINNING plays but not the LOSING plays .Very scumbag-like thing to do and I am at a loss for words. Only Robbie McPhail aka "ZACK" would treat his customers this way...So they stole $1,899 from me as far as I am concerned until they either a) Show me EVERY play that was deleted and/or b) Credit me the $390 for the hockey play that was PAST POST..

SBR is following up on this Bet33 sportsbook complaint.


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