Bet33 Sportsbook upgraded to C-

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Bet33 Sportsbook (SBR rating C-) has made a number of improvements in the last six months. Bet33 has been open to discussing player disputes with SBR, shown the ability to effectively perform risk management and has revamped their business model. Bet33 is a recreational sportsbook where professional players will quickly make the realization that they are unwelcome - the sportsbook is active in marketing and has made strides to improve their image in light of the negative press shouldered due to ownerships previous involvement with Apex Sportsbook (SBR rating F). Bet33 has taken care of old Apex debts that it argues were recorded after ownership departed the now defunct sportsbook. On April 26th, SBR reported that Bet33 paid an Apex player with a six-year old  payment claim. Bet33 has not had a meaningful dispute submitted against them in the past six months - the most recent news was a player confirming a $3,000 payment in June of this year.


Bet33 payment report

On June 28th, SBR reported that a Bet33 player reported payment.

A Bet33 player told SBR that following a $500 deposit, he increased his balance to $5,000 after making 40 MLB picks. On June 27th, the player confirmed to SBR that he requested and was paid a $3,000 withdrawal via a cash payment method.


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