Bet33 payout dispute, player on stalled payment plan

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A Bet33 Sportsbook (SBR rating D+) player submits a payout dispute with SBR. The user claims that his account was closed three months ago with a balance of $8,614. He says he was then placed on a weekly payout plan. The last payment was made on December 19th. The player states he is still owed $1,736 and that Bet33 has not given any details on when he will be paid again.

SBR followed up with Bet33 and was told by a manager that an update would be given tomorrow.

Bet33 maintains a low rating with Sportsbook as it belongs to the RDG Corp/Americas Bookie family. The sportsbook is one of many founded in part with the unpaid winnings of Apex Sportsbook players. Apex closed without paying players in 2004, before owner Robbie revitalized the brands with subsequent more successful ventures. He claims to not be in possession of the database of players who were not paid.

SBR has helped forward along claims from players that were stiffed by Apex. On 16 May 2011 SBR reported that an Apex Sportsbook player was paid $1,814 after six years. A $3,000 payment was made by Bet33 in 2009 to a similarly stiffed player. 

SBR will update this report.

Bet33 or Apex Sportsbook players in need of assistance should write to

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