Bet2Be Payout Complaints: Three new reports

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Bet2Be Sportsbook complaints

Sportsbook Review reported last week that five new Bet2Be complaints were filed. The report detailed that two players reported receiving payouts of $3000 and $765 respectively.

Since the publication of that report, three new Bet2Be payout complaints were submitted by players.

The first player asked for a payout of £457 on October 10. He was told that his funds would not be processed for at least two weeks. He holds an additional £3086 in his account and has grown concerned over the safety of his funds after reading the two dozen complaints from other players.

The second player attempted to order a withdrawal of £2000 approximately one month ago. He quickly learned that Bet2Be payouts were delayed; additionally, Bet2Be claimed not to have the player's ID on file. He provided the requested documents approximately three weeks ago but has still not been paid.

Player three states that he has a balance of £111 he has been unable to withdraw. He was asked to take a photo holding his ID over his head, though his passport is expired. The player asked if he could instead take a photo holding his driver's license over his head and was denied.

Sportsbook Review is following up on the latest Bet2Be Sportsbook disputes, and asks readers with complaints against the betting site to submit a sportsbook complaint form.

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