Bet2Be Payout Complaints: 16 outstanding

Bet2Be players have submitted 25 payouts complaint for a total of $19,723 since August 2014. Six of the players have recently reported payment for $3,895.

As of September 17, several of the players reported seeing a bizarre pop-up that prompted them to submit proof of tax payments. It appears that Bet2Be is using the outlandish request as a stall tactic, though some of the players have complied with the peculiar demand. 

The only reference of taxes in the sportsbook terms and conditions is a standard line advising that the user is responsible for being in compliance with their jurisdiction.

Sportsbook Review has questioned Bet2Be extensively on their requiring players to upload tax documents. Bet2Be has refused to engage in a discussion on this topic or the payout delays in general, and has addressed only one of the payout complaints with SBR by stating a player's account ID was incorrect.

Bet2Be complaints have ranged from standard payout complaints, wagering disputes, and general account disputes citing privacy concerns over the tax requirement.

In light of the consistently poor payout feedback and questionable, over-reaching tactic to require personal financial information well outside the scope of KYC, Bet2Be has been initiated with a D rating. The betting site could face further downgrades if payout complaints continue to pile up, and only avoids a D- or worse entry due to the six recent payout complaints that have been confirmed by users.

The sportsbook is headquartered and licensed in Isle of Man, operating license 127314C under Joint Sports Betting Limited. SBR has verified that the license is legitimate, and is in the process of establishing a dialogue with the Gambling Supervision Commission concerning the many issues.

Bet2Be players have logged their complaints in the SBR Sportsbook & Industry forum.

Bet2Be players with payout issues should fill out a sportsbook complaint.




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