Bet1128 (not rated) refuses to honor winning wagers

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Bet1128 (not rated) refuses to honor winning soccer wagers; claims "The odds were wrong because of a problem with our program." The sportsbook does not claim the line was an obvious error and says they "have the right to void or cancel any bets at any time if we find it suitable before the game has kicked off." The player is rightfully upset that his sportsbook took a valid wager, was able to watch the market, and cancel the bet after deciding it had an unfavorable position. The player was not contacted via email. The bets were canceled prior to the start of the game. | Original complaint 6.18.2007

Bet1128 (not rated) cancels winning bet; does not respond to player email or follow policy.
The player wagered on a soccer total that he claims was in line with the market price. After the event had concluded and the wager had won Bet1128 canceled the bet, failing to adhere to its listed rule regarding faulty betting lines. SBR will contact 1128 on player's behalf

Bet1128 Rule 17: If during transcription, typing or printing a quoted odds is visibly incorrect (e.g. 1.50/2.50) the company reserves the right to reinstate the original odds even after the result is known. In such cases comparison with other bookmakers currently on the market will, in good faith, give evidence of the error.
Player: The line was balanced, the odds were normal for the moment, although there was a steam process, reflected in Pinnacle's odds of 2.11 for under 2.75 [goals]. Pinnacle's odds continued drifting after I placed my bets; they reached 2.26, and later the line was moved to 3 goals. Bet1128 removed the game, then posted it again 1/2 hour later, this time with a 3 goal total. My pick should have been a winner, as the game ended 0-4. I should have won $838.73

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