Bestake players report fraud

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Bestake (unrated) players have reported fraud. Twenty five Bestake complaints were filed with SBR this morning. When players logged into their accounts a popup window appeared called "Express Withdrawal - Show me the money in 4 hours'. After clicking the option, players reported that their account balances changed to 0, and that exactly six unauthorized bets were recorded to their accounts zeroing their balances.

SBR is investigating the alleged fraud.

Bestake player:

I would like to call your attention to an obvious cheat of bet office that is in progress right now. I wanted to make a withdrawal from my Bestake account. I had EUR 6186.77 on my account, I show this fact to you through my printscreened copy as a proof - see photo Bestake 1. Under my account details there was a new feature for withdrawal called Express 4 hours withdrawal as you can see on the printscreened copy. After some minutes I wanted to check the status of the withdrawal but I was confused to see that the office my all money 6186.77 EUR put on different events as bets!


A line appeared on my account page: "express withdraw - show me the money". After pressing the button, al the money in the account has been automatically divided into 6 bets, of the same amount, really unlikely to win bets. Obviously, I've never made these bets, and I don't want to make them. I also would like my money back, but it's a fraud for sure. Is there something that I and all those that experiences this scam can do?



There was a link in blue in the centre of the page "Express Withdraw - Show me the money" which was not remotely similar to the regular "Place Bet" button. I clicked it wondering what it was about and suddenly my balance is zero (was 2799,6 Euro) and I have 6 matched bets for upcoming world cup games randomly selected.



"New Feature: Express 4 hour withdraw. Start now. 'Show me the money"

When I clicked this link, my account balance suddenly was zero. When I looked around to see what happened, I realized that I have 6 matched bets for upcoming world cup matches randomly selected, I have never placed bets on those markets. My whole account balance of 4151.16 ? was divided into these 6 bets of 691.86 ? each.



I am a victim of a big fraud. The responsible is the site "Bestake". I think that I'm not the only one. Actually there is a lot of people with the same problem.

In last 5 days I made a withdraw but they didn't give me the money. Today they made a "new feature" that says "Express withdraw in 4 hours. Start now. Show me the money". I clicked there,(as everybody who needs his money) and immediately they took all my money and bet them in 6 matches.  


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