Bestake fraud warning - more players lose their sportsbook balances

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New Bestake (SBR rating F) complaints have been reported from players who were victimized by the unrated sportsbook's scam which was initially reported by SportsBookReview on June 20th. The Bestake homepage displayed a logo of "Show me the money" next to a new '4 hour express withdrawal' option that was never before placed on its site. After clicking the image and believing that they were going to be initiating withdrawal requests, players entire balances were placed on six World Cup soccer games. Bestake's hidden condition which was obscurely written inside of its terms of service for this 'promotion' was that all six wagers must win in order for a player to receive a 15% profit on their balances. Had the terms been clear and apparent once this radical and unprecedented promotion was launched, no players would accept what amounts to drastically worse six-team parlay odds for their entire account balances. Bestake management justified the absurd clause by stating that it was printed on the site, albeit not front and center next to the misleading promotion. SBR considers the action theft and is recommending Bestake cancel all wagers which resulted in players losing their balances on account of the promotion. | Bestake player comments



Bestake players:

I have an account with where I had a deposit of 6266.76 Euro. I applied for a withdrawal. Then he appeared on the website link "Withdraw Express - Show Me the Money". After pressing the button, al the money in the account has been automatically divided into 6 bets, of the same amount, really unlikely to win bets. Could you advise me what to do?
I know I'm not alone, which happened. I read posts to your site. I need advice on what to do to make my money back.


Thanks to your Bestake warnings I was able to avoid pressing that "express withdrawal" button. However, I read that you were able to contact Tom Walsh (or whatizname) and he only commented on the money lost by people who pressed that button. Well, I have been trying to withdraw money from my account the regular way - money which I can still see in my account balance - but have not been able to do that either. My first request was 16th June for ?10000 and I have also made two subsequent withdrawal requests (?5000 on 18th June and ?7094.86 on 20th June). Each time I got instantly their standard automatic "your withdrawal request was initiated" message but have not heard from them any further.



I am also a victim of this blatant fraud/stealing of my total account to the turn of over 29500euro. I like many other had been waiting a substancial withdraw for over 4 days when this new feature appeared. Like everyone else i clicked on it with the anticipation of seeing what the conditions were only to see my account get place on 6 bets. This is an obvious way for bestake to steal peoples money wilst trying to justify it to the rest of the sportsbook world. Thankyou for any help you may be able to give. I realise my money is gone because obviously bestake doesnt have any money to make the payouts otherwise they never would have done such a fraudulant act but i do hope they get prosecutored to the full extent of international law.



"New Feature: Express 4 hour withdraw. Start now. 'Show me the money" When I clicked this link, my account balance suddenly was zero. When I looked around to see what happened, I realized that I have 6 matched bets for upcoming world cup matches randomly selected, I have never placed bets on those markets. My whole account balance of 6857.94 euro was divided into these 6 bets of 1142.99 euro each.



I have a complaint about bestake. I have 2500 euros in my account and asked for a withdrawal last wednesday(16th June). I asked about it today in the live chat and all of a sudden there is going to be a maintenance until the 2nd of July and there will be no withdrawals until then. After reading the sbr forum I read about a scam they are running to collect money. Fortunately I haven't clicked it, but there is obviously something wrong with bestake. Is there anything I can do to get my money back and is there a chance that they will actually pay me after july 2nd??



I have won few bets and then applied for a partial funds withdrawal. When I logged in the next day I pressed the Express Withdrawal button and suddenly my account balance became 0. 1621 euros were split between 6 random Football events. I have contacted the Live Support team and they told that it was a New Feature. I have emailed the administration and am waiting for their response now... But I am afraid that they will not get back to me and that I became a victim of a big fraud. I see now that I was not the only victim of this fraud and would like an advice on what can be done


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