Bestake fraud update

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Update to 6/20 Bestake fraud report - SBR has received 30 complaints from Bestake players on the sportsbook's new "Show me the money" feature. Bestake placed a link for the promotion next to an inaccurate description: "New Feature: Express 4 hours withdraw. Start now.".

Players clicked on the link believing they were withdrawing money, and saw their entire account balance disappear. Players balances were divided up into 6 ''matched'' bets in equal; amounts on the following games:

Slovenia/England Draw at 4.50
Ghana (vs Germany) at 5.4
USA/Algeria Draw at 3.8
Japan (vs Denmark) at 3.55
Italy (vs Slovakia) at 1.7
Korea/Ivory Coast Draw at 5.4

SBR contacted Tom Walsh of Bestake, who stated the following:

Bestake management:

I saw the claims at SBR, the rules was very clear and apparently the users that made those claims did not read our rules about that feature (New Feature - Show Me The Money).

When you are choosing this option the system will automatically choose 6 events to win, all your found in the account will be split between those events. you must win all the games ( all the games are considered as one event), if you lose one game your will lose the whole event. The winner will get a withdraw after 4 hours guaranteed of the last event + 15% bonus of the winning amount.

Bestakes promotion violates contract law and common sense. Players attempting to withdraw instead were given six World Cup bets they did not want. Additionally, the prices given on the matches were unreasonably low. For example, Slovenia was matched at a price of 4.5 (+350), while Pinnacle was offering Slovenia at 7.99 (+699). Finally, the rules for the promotion are unclear at best, and unconscionable at worst. One reading of the rules could treat the 6 wagers as a parlay paying very poor odds. Bestake was asked about this, but offered no clarification.

SBR has recommended that Bestake void all the wagers created from the misleading link, and pay the players their balances. | Bestake fraud forum discussion

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