Best Super Bowl Odds for NFC West Teams

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The Super Bowl might seem ages away, but with the NFL preseason opener slated for August 7, it is a perfect time for sports bettors to consider the Super Bowl odds on tap from online sportsbooks. Most importantly, before getting to the meat and potatoes, make sure that your sportsbook is paying in a timely manner right now because sportsbooks that rely on football business to pay out players are bad news.

This article focuses on the best betting odds for wagering on any of the NFC West clubs to win this year's Super Bowl, which takes place Sunday (shocker) February 5 from NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas. Also taking place that weekend is the 7th installment of the SBR Forum Bash in Punta Cana.

Seattle Seahawks: 9-1
The Seattle Seahawks are given the most realistic shot from online sportsbooks to find their way back to the big game at 9 to 1, so every Ben Franklin risked gets you nine back in return. The Seahawks are just over a 4-1 shot to win the NFC Conference and their win total is currently set at 10½ games.

Arizona Cardinals: 13-1
The benefit of line-shopping returns the Arizona Cardinals at 13-1 odds to win Super Bowl LI. The Cardinals are priced at 6.25-1 to win the NFC and their schedule sees them set with a projected win total of 9½ games with -180 on the over side of that equation and a +150 payback on less than 9½ wins.

Los Angeles Rams: 93-1
The LA Rams, noteworthy more for being in Los Angeles than their cast of characters, are assigned odds more fitting for a scratch off lottery than an NFL club being competitive enough to win a championship. Bookmakers are giving 93-1 odds on the Rams making it to Houston. They are 33-1 to win the NFC and are only expected to win 7½ games.

San Francisco 49ers: 118-1
Joe Montana can't be too happy to see the San Francisco 49ers being the proverbial laughing stock of NFL oddsmakers with their 118-1 odds of achieving Super Bowl glory. A $100 wager returns a whopping $11,800 in profit. The 49ers are 45-1 to win the NFC and their regular season win total is set at 5½ games.

Additional divisional Super Bowl odds previews will be released in the weeks to come.

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