Best Sportsbooks for MLB Bettors with dimelines (discount lines)

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Baseball bettors know that over the course of a 162 game season every small edge matters.

Wagering with the best of it — an MLB dimeline or better — is essential for bankroll health over the seven months of baseball betting including the post-season.

Sportsbook Review has listed the betting sites with the most advantageous lines for baseball bettors along with useful features related to MLB wagering at each online sportsbook.

What is an MLB dimeline?
A dimeline or discount MLB line refers to a baseball line where a sportsbook charges about a 5% commission on a PK em line, resulting in a 10¢ spread between the favorite and underdog price. For example, if the Orioles vs. Mets line is -130 / +120, you are wagering an MLB dimeline.

Example of savings with MLB dimeline
Betting site A:
Yankees: -165
Padres: +155

Betting site B:
Yankees: -180
Padres: +160

An online sports bettor would only need to place $165 in action at Bookmaker A to win $100. If playing at Bookmaker B, however, a sports bettor would have to risk an additional $15 to win $100. Not only does risking the extra $15 pay nothing extra at Bookmaker B, there will be a $15  every time you accept a line that is similarly priced. Multiply this by the hundreds or more of wagers you intend to make over the course of a season and this adds up in a hurry.

Online sports bettors can browse sportsbooks with MLB dimelines using the sportsbook rating guide.

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