Best sportsbooks to bet the NCAA Tournament

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/best-sportsbooks/betonline/Sportsbook Review is collecting every wager on the 2014 Men's NCAA Tournament. The NCAA Tournament Bet Directory includes future bets, proposition wagers, information on live, in-play wagering and more. This article focuses on the betting sites listed in the 2014 NCAA Tournament Directory and provides lists of the best places to wager based on your particular criteria.

Live, in-play betting: The NCAA Tournament Directory includes information on the best places to wager if you're looking to take advantage of the opportunities presented by live, in-play betting. The most important factor in assessing the strength of a sportsbook based on their live, in-play betting platforms would be the amount of events offered on a daily basis. Some sportsbooks only make an effort to incorporate in-play on an event to event basis, such as the Super Bowl, or a major tennis tournament. However a few of the industry's best online bookmakers offer live, in-play betting 24/7. Even if the vigorish charged by these bookmakers lacks the same value as a sportsbook which offer a lighter schedule, as more overall betting opportunities are presented by the bookmaker with the bigger schedule, that's where you should typically invest your funds as a live, in-play bettor.

Best sportsbooks to wager in-play

1. Bet365 Sportsbook
Bet365 Sportsbook and their live betting platform are regarded as the best in the business. The state of the art system have thousands of ongoing live wagering markets, streamlined integration into their betting cart, as well as the benefit of live streams on select events. Bet365 serves seven million customers in more than two hundred countries and is generally regarded as one of the best overall sportsbooks.

2. Sportsinteraction
SportsInteraction (SIA) and their live betting platform offer the end user a very enjoyable wagering atmosphere. Events are simple to get to and the wagering markets for each event are plentiful and offer sound value for the bargain hunter player. SIA is continually improving their live betting platform and is a comfortable second best place to live wager the NCAA tournament.

3. 5Dimes Sportsbook
5Dimes released an all new, sleek live in-play betting interface recently. Players can easily navigate the current and upcoming bet markets without doing much clicking, as well as customize their odds and language preference which the software is smart enough to save. Coupled with the low vigorish charged by 5Dimes, they are easily one of the best up and coming live betting online sportsbooks for the NCAA tournament.

Future Bets: The Sportsbook Review NCAA Tournament directory logs every future bet available. These wagers include the individual East, South, Midwest, and West region winners, as well as the outright champion. A specific grid for each market is shown which contains the listed sportsbooks market price.

Best sportsbooks to wager NCAA futures

 1. 5Dimes Sportsbook
5Dimes Sportsbook offer an average 20% better ROI (return on investment) than the other listed sportsbooks. 5Dimes Sportsbook is the best overall place to bet on Nebraska winning the West. 5Dimes offers a whopping +7000 return - this means a $100 wager pays $7,000. A sizable return, which is fairly customary when wagering the futures offered at 5Dimes Sportsbook.

2. Pinnacle Sportsbook
Pinnacle Sportsbook is the second best place to bet Nebraska winning the West with their +5814 price. A $100 wager pays $5,814. Another factor to consider when evaluating Pinnacle Sportsbook is the fact that they are one of few online bookmakers which will offer better than average prices on both big longshot bets, as well as your usual favorites.

3. BetOnline Sportsbook
BetOnline Sportsbook is the third best place to bet Nebraska winning the West as they offer a +5500 price. A $100 wager pays $5,500. BetOnline was very close to making number two on this list, and is an excellent choice for wagering the 2014 NCAA Tournament. BetOnline's only knock is that their futures odds can at times come out later than the rest of the sportsbooks onpage.

Match up winners: Listed on SBR's NCAA Tournament Directory are all of the opening round matches for ranked teams. This includes the current pointspread and moneyline set by a sportsbook on each game. The odds update in real-time on your screen, so essentially the page can be bookmarked for shopping convenience. There is less variation on this market, so players should first decide what it is they're looking for in a sportsbook. Each of the sportsbooks listed have different strengths and weaknesses that may make them a better fit.

Best sportsbooks to wager the NCAA opening round winners

1. Pinnacle Sportsbook and their six cent juice are the overall most attractive choice for making straight up bets on pointspread wagers for the NCAA tournament.
2. 5Dimes Sportsbook and their reduced juice program are the second best place to wager the NCAA opening round matches.
3. SportsInteraction is the third best place to wager the NCAA opening round.

Make sure to bookmark the Sportsbook Review NCAA Tournament Bet Directory.

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