Best Sportsbook Bonus Comparison: Shopping for Best Deal

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Best Sportsbook Bonuses list

Players searching for a new betting site for the upcoming NFL and NCAAF seasons may wish to review the best sportsbook bonuses list.

The chart compares the top sign up bonus at sportsbooks rated C or higher; sportsbooks that deal more than one type of sign up bonus have the higher of the bonus options listed.

As a general disclaimer, Sportsbook Review recommends players take caution when choosing to deposit at betting sites rated lower than B+.

More detailed history for each website can be found by clicking the link titled profile for sportsbooks in the rating guide; alternatively, players can simply perform a search in the top right of any SBR page.

The bonus page itself is a mobile-friendly chart that allows players to shop for bonuses in multiple ways.

Sign Up Bonus
Some players are of the mindset that bigger is better when opening a new betting account, and this is true when the intention is to make a large deposit to last the duration of football season. On the other hand, players who want to get in and then out might prefer a match bet where there is normally less commitment to playing for an extended period of time.

Rollover Required
Rollover refers to the number of times you must wager your deposit plus bonus before being allowed to withdraw your winnings. This wagering requirement is often correlated directly with the size of the bonus; for instance, a 100% bonus is less likely to have just a 3X playing requirement than a 25% bonus.

SBR Rating
As mentioned earlier, SBR advises players to consider the standing of a betting website before choosing to send funds. SBR has not included betting sites which are on the sportsbook blacklist on the bonuses chart, but still suggests players stick with higher rated companies with longer track records of paying on time.

True Bonus
Unique to the best bonuses list, SBR has created a category known as the "True Bonus". Put in simple terms, if you divide a bonus value (100% cash for instance) by the amount of the wagering requirement (e.g. 5X), your true bonus percentage is 20%.

Using this formula, a free play bonus is worth approximately half the value, as unlike with cash bonuses, free plays do not return the bonus stake. A $100 free bet wagered on a +200 underdog will only leave a bettor with $200, as the $100 free bet expires after being used, whereas cash would include the risk amount in this scenario by making the balance $300.

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